Project Manager


Project Manager

As our new Project Manager, will be in charge for the following tasks:

  • You will lead and plan new technical projects for our customers worldwide, in an effective and efficient manner. You should be an “out of the box thinker” You should be able to coordinate internal and external stakeholders’ project expectations for the whole life of the project, as they have been described in the scope of the project
  • You will be in charge of the Demand/Change Management process, creating a feasibility study and transform it to a technical proposal. You will be the key person to collect the commitment for every project task from each stakeholder and monitor their progress wherever apply
  • Ensure that the project will be delivered within agreed time assuring quality and within approved budget
  • Producing the relevant reports for every project and inform project sponsors on time for variances in schedule
  • Work close with Product engineers, RnD department and Production department to launch a product in production for projects you lead.

You could apply on this position if you could meet the following criteria:

  • You already have acquired 3+years of proven professional experience in managing technical projects
  • You have earned you University or College Degree in Computer Science, Software or Electronic Engineering or relevant technology-related field
  • Additional studies in Project Management and PMP will be considered an asset
  • Familiar with BOMs and industrialization of a product
  • Good knowledge of Project Management Tools and methodologies, with software and product development lifecycle experience
  • Ability to travel to the countries where the projects are implemented
  • Excellent written and oral communication in English and Greek
  • Sound presentation skills!
  • Attention to detail, being proactive, hands-on mentality
  • You should have a “team spirit” mentality as you will have to communicate with various colleagues from various fields of expertise ie SW, HW
  • Experience in delivering projects for the public Greek sector will be considered as a great advantage

What we offer:

  • A competitive compensation package according to professional experience,
  • Training upon induction and during employment
  • The opportunity to interact and learn in a multi-cultural environment
  • Participation and interaction in the inception of a new product up to its mass production and installation in the customer’s site.

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