Business Developer We are looking for a young, enthusiastic and commercially talented person to joi..

Business Developer


Business Developer

We are looking for a young, enthusiastic and commercially talented person to join our Business Development Team and support our Growth in Greece, Cyprus and the Middle East.

The Business Developer reports to the Managing Director and works closely together with the Business Development team to successfully fulfill the company’s goals.

Job description:

  • Executing our franchise recruiting process including developing warm leads, soliciting vendor partners to help identify quality leads.
  • Performs successful phone screens utilizing our qualifying process to determine viability of candidates.
  • Convert leads and close them: you’ll need to be smart, persistent and aggressive to optimize our lead conversion and you need to be empathetic and aggressive in closing our future franchisees.
  • Executing on our marketing plan: you’ll be responsible for executing on our marketing plan under the direction of the Managing Director.
  • Manage and monitor the sales pipeline: you’ll also be responsible for supporting in managing the pipeline of leads through our end to end sales process.
  • Coordinating with the Marketing Team to obtain market intelligence, marketing support.
  • Compiling and submitting complete franchise agreement packets to the Managing Director
  • Administration of franchise contracts and disclosure procedures
  • Act as a brand ambassador: We are looking for someone who can confidently articulate our unique Client Portfolio and succeed in developing their Franchise Networks.
  • Update and maintain our CRM system: You’ll be tasked with maintaining leads in our existing CRM system and evolving it to manage the lifecycle of relationships.
  • Provide management with reports and an analysis of the sales pipeline including lead conversion metrics, sales ratios, cost of leads and based on the analysis propose efficiencies.

Such person should have good understanding about what Franchising stands, learn all about the projects which are currently available and have up-to-date information about.

We require:

  • Excellent knowledge of written and spoken Greek & English
  • Fluency to communicate over the phone (Skype)
  • Strong Presentation Skills (Powerpoint)
  • Analytical thinking and attention to details
  • Dynamic and result oriented person with strong drive, perfect communication and commercial skills
  • Flexibility; very good negotiation skills
  • Willingness to learn

We offer:

  • Great opportunity to grow your career within a successful and stable company
  • Work in a young and talented team

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